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"Working with The Sales Coach early in my sales career while in New York City was incredible!  He trained me, challenged me, and provided the much needed energy and sales inspiration to survive in such a challenging place.  I really appreciate the understanding my sales coach gave me to build my own way of selling."   
- Alessandra, Sales Executive at Microsoft

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TheSalesCoach.com  is your place for sales training, selling skills, sales tips, and closing techniques. Your personal resource for success in Sales and Sales Management.
The training material on this site (which is only available to you HERE) has been developed from Hundreds of Thousands of Hours of real world  sales calls, cold calls, joint sales calls, sales ride alongs, selling role plays, sales meetings, and sales training seminars. With real customer responses documented and incorporated into these selling techniques and sales approaches.
Tens of Thousands of Top Sales Performers, Sales Pros, Sales Managers, and Sales Executives have taken advantage of and used this training material in HIGH STAKES sales environments. And YOU CAN TOO!

By internalizing and practicing our sales methods you will close more sales, open more new accounts, and increase your income!  TheSalesCoach.com  works on small transactional sales, multi-million dollars sales, and multi-year contracts!  

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