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Logistics and Supply Chain

Logistics and Transportation account for a full 10% of the US Gross Domestic Product - approx $1.2 Trillion annually!

And continued globalization is creating massive logistics opportunities across the nation. From our ports, rail hubs, distributions centers, and trucking companies - your logistics services are needed by someone - RIGHT NOW!

Our Logistics Sales Professional Course applies to Ocean and Air Cargo Carriers, Rail Lines, Terminal Operators, Freight Forwarders, Customs Brokers, NVOCC's, 3PL's, Reverse Logistics companies, Warehouse and Distribution providers, Consolidators, For-Hire Carriers, Freight Agents, Craters or Packers, and even Riggers.

This training course is designed to leverage your expertise in the Supply Chain and capitalize on logistics opportunities within your service area.

The Logistics Sales Professional Course

From Commodity Traders in NYC and LA, warehouses in Baltimore and Seattle, Freight Forwarders in Philly and Chicago, to manufacturers in Houston, Greenville, and the Twin Cities ... it is quite clear that your customers want Logistics Professionals with integrity and character.

The Logistics Sales Professional Course is an industry Best Practice selling skills program designed to help salespeople navigate customer requests and deliver powerful solutions. Even Dispatchers, Logistics Coordinators, and those who don't wear (or like) the "salesperson" moniker will benefit from this training program.

Content Overview:
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Overview
  • The Logistics Value Chain
  • A Solution Selling Model
  • Success Habits of Top Logistics Producers
  • Cold Calling Skills for New Appointments
  • A Proven Sales Process and learn New Selling Skills
  • Selling to Different Personality Styles
  • Listening and Communication skills
  • Identifying Decision Makers, Influencers, and others who route freight
  • Selling to Beneficial Cargo Owners and Traffic Managers
  • Using Bills of Lading and Consignee info to find and qualify new shippers
  • Probing to Solve Customer Problems and identify new opportunities
  • Profiling Accounts to understand their Total Logistics Spend
  • Sell Solutions in preferred lanes vs. Selling on Price
  • Closing Skills and Techniques
  • Using their "Target Rate" to secure more cargo
  • Bundle Products and Services to grow your customer base
  • Gaining Commitments and Developing Partnerships

And much, much more!

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Revenue Management in Logistics

Consolidations and Vertical Integration are dominating the Logistics and Supply Chain industry right now. A once start-up and online retailer, Amazon is now fully Vertically Integrated from low-cost manufacturer overseas - direct to the customer's door. They've not only changed the face of retail, but are now dominating the distribution network.

Whether you are vertically integrated, full service or a boutique broker; you need a solid handle on price, costs and margins. That's where Market Knowledge, Planning, and Execution by your management team will lead to winning more profitable contracts!

Our consulting service will help you wrap your hands around your geographic market, logistics segment, competitive environment, and your true value offering. We've designed and delivered an industry first strategic model covering all the elements, and it is applicable (and customizable) to every logistics company in any geography.

Our Revenue Management in Logistics program is an industry leading Best Practice. Guaranteed to give your people better insight and decision making tools. If you are the market leader or fighting the 800lb gorilla, profit is the name of our game. We help you build an effective (market driven) pricing program based on sound principles. An understanding of the critical relationships between supply and demand, price and volume, useless discounting, competitor positioning, relationship selling, and customer segmentation.

Plus, we've created an industry first Pricing Checklist identifying the 18 most critical elements to consider before pricing or negotiating any logistics contract. This original work is only available to our clients.

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